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We are fully dedicated to providing superior service to all of our customers. We beleive that every customer deserves our best.

Our business is built around your schedule and individual needs. Our philosophy centers on providing excellent service coupled with reliability at a price you can afford.
What Sets Us Apart

Look around your office, now ask yourself how long have those cobwebs been in the corner?

How long has that paper clip been under your desk?

Can you write your name in the dust on your monitor?

How much am I paying for my cleaning service?

If you can relate to any of the above maybe it is time you called

We are the best at what we do.
Employee Profiles
Arnoldo Spuntini/ owner

pulizia-gres-porcellanato-romaLet me introduce myself – I’m the owner Arnoldo Spuntini. Five years ago I started my cleaning business with one account and a philosophy. I am happy to say that both are alive and well.

My philosophy is to provide excellent service,  for instance pulizia gres porcellanato roma for which we offer the maximum reliability, at a competitive price.

We don’t cut corners we clean them

The basics: vacuum, sweep and mop, clean bathrooms, remove trash, wipe down furniture, straighten lobby, dust.

Not so basic: floor strip and wax, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, full line of supplies.

Carpet cleaning:
The proper way of deep cleaning a carpet is Extraction Restoration. This is a two step system designed to deep clean carpet. First the carpet is presprayed with a Release solution. The Release solution loosens dirt that is in the carpet and helps break down stains. The second step utilizes a high power steam extractor. The steam extrator uses (3) jets to force high temperature (212 degree) cleaning solution deep into the carpet to clean, rinse and flush out dirt from the carpet. The end result is a capet that looks, feels and smells better.

For residential and commercial carpet cleaning please call (407) 935-3112.

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We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

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Our Services

Applied Cleaning Systems has been providing pressure washing services to San Francisco Bay Area businesses since 1990. We have eight employees and three mobile units providing services. Our services include sidewalk cleaning, parking garage cleaning, fleet washing, even cleaning places for le grandi feste per bambini roma and various other industrial cleaning projects.

Two of our units each carry a pair of pressure washers and are used for most of our cleaning projects. Each unit also carrys a host of supportive equipment including waste water recovery tanks to maintain an environmentally friendly operation.

Our third unit carries a Powerboss Autoscrubber and one pressure washer. The Powerboss is a completely self-contained unit. It lays down a cleaning solution, scrubs and recovers the water in one pass. It has proven to be a great alternative to pressure washing on cleaning projects where water management is paramount, such as cleaning indoor parking garages and warehouse floors.

All of our units are available every day around the clock. We normally operate during our customers’ non-business hours in the interest of safety and convenience.

We make sure our washing techniques are environmentally responsible by following the guidelines in “Best Management Practices for Mobile Washers.”

It is our goal to be a valuable resource to our customers, providing services with professionalism and enthusiasm.


bufferOur sidewalk cleaning service was designed for commercial properties that want to keep their sidewalks free from gum and stains associated with high foot traffic. It’s an excellent way to make sure visitors get a good first impression.

This service is provided by two workers and two trailer mounted pressure washers. Each machine is capable of a working pressure of 3,000 psi. One machine is a hot water unit, necessary for removing bubble gum from sidewalks.

We conduct our sidewalk cleaning at night during non-business hours for the sake of safety and convenience. Additionally, we identify our work area by lighting it and using “Wet Floor” signs and “Caution” tape as necessary.

We follow the guidelines in “Best Management Practices for Mobile Cleaners” while pressure washing sidewalks.


Applied Cleaning Systems’ garage cleaning service was designed for covered and indoor parking areas that have accumulated excess dirt and oil. This service has been appreciated by customers who realize that their garage is often the first place a visitor may see and that visitors and employees associate clean areas with safe areas. Parking garages can become particularly dirty because they don’t benefit from the cleansing effects of wind and rain.

Parking garages can pose a problem when pressure washing because they often lack adequate water sources and proper drainage. As an alternative to pressure washing, we have successfully cleaned garages using our self-contained autoscrubber. This machine applies detergent, scrubs, and recovers the water, leaving the surface virtually dry.

The benefits over pressure washing are numerous. It’s faster, uses a fraction of the water, and by leaving the floor virtually dry, reduces the risk of a slip and fall.

The equipment can also be used in a “sweep only” mode which is useful for routine maintenance between washes.

The Powerboss is the preferred cleaning method for large warehouse floors, too. In fact, it can be used for any cleaning application where water management is the highest priority.

As with all our cleaning methods, we follow the guidelines in “Best Management Practices for Mobile Cleaners” to maintain an environmentally responsible operation.


What we offer

We Offer:
lucidatura parquetEnvironmentally safe products.
Service commitments to meet the customer’s requirements.
Products designed to replace hazardous solvents as a cleaning media.
Equipment designed to clean the fluid while the fluid cleans the part.
Cleanliness and lucidatura parquet results to meet your engineering and quality specifications.
Innovating application of equipment and cleaner to solve your parts.
Aqueous cleaner formulations designed to be safe on all metals, reject oils, and impart corrosion inhibition even in one-step cleaning processes.
Laboratory support for continuous research and development and routine sampling for product analysis.
Lease Financing Programs on equipment structured to your specific needs.
Your company the opportunity to become part of the “SOLUTIONS” for cleanliness issues.

Our products and equipment have been successfully applied to remove various cutting and tapping oils, soluble oils, vegetable oils, circuit board fluxes, toolmakers inks, industrial and automotive greases and road grime build-up on engine parts to highlight some of our successful applications.

Maintenance / Construction

General purpose cleaners designed to be used in machine cleaning, general purpose cleaning, steam cleaning and other maintenance type applications such as mastic and adhesive residues.

Screw Machines

Cleaner formulations that are designed for spray, immersion and/or ultrasonic applications to remove the various types of coolants, cutting fluids and other soils generated in the manufacturing of screw machine parts. Products are available with and without corrosion inhibitors and passivators for use on various metals.

Circuit Boards

Cleaner formulations that are designed for immersion and/or ultrasonic applications to remove polar and non-polar residues generated during the solder process leaving the components free of ionic contamination and other post cleaning residues.


Product formulations are compounded to yield clean, non-streaking surfaces for use in ultrasonic, immersion equipment at elevated temperatures. Contaminants removed from precision optics include: pitch, UV cured adhesives, epoxies and other bonding agents too numerous to include.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Custom formulation to remove polishing compounds and waxes as well as siloxane type residues associated with optic polishing operations. These soils are very difficult to remove with conventional cleaners. The product has been successfully applied at elevated temperatures in ultrasonic immersion followed by water rinses and air dry.


Formulation designed to remove solder flux residues and epoxies associated with circuit board operations. This product is formulated to be safe on all metals and if required to meet the stringent requirements of environmental regulations.


Cleaners designed to minimize cleaning time and are free rinsing with water and water dilutable if desired. For use as hand wipe, soak or spray applications.